Summer Clinic Registration Now Open!

Our 5 summer clinics filled up last year. Register and reserve your spot early!


Fall Youth Clinic Registration Now Open!

We're offering a Sept/Oct clinic for 5-11 year olds. Learn more!

Our Programs:

Open Teams

Open teams are made up of the elite and more experienced players in the area and have to qualify for the Open league. Open teams have been announced.

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Club Teams

Club teams compete against other New England Juniors clubs and the tournament sites are generally within an hour and a half's drive. Club teams have been announced.

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In-House Program

For players who do not qualify for our Open or Club teams or are looking for a less time-intensive alternative, we provide skills training and some in-house competition. Click to learn more...

Fall 2014 Youth Clinic

Registration is now Open!

A 7-week youth volleyball clinic for girls and boys between Kindergarten and 5th grade, held at Forekicks II on Sundays. The new youth clinic runs in September & October and is open to all youngsters wanting to learn a fun sport. Click to learn more...

Summer Volleyball Clinics

Registration is now Open!

The Summer Volleyball Clinics are for girls ages 9-18. These clinics focus on general skill building, positional technique, team-like drills and competition. The clinicians include area coaches at the collegiate and high school levels and collegiate student athletes.Click to learn more...